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The 4D (4-dimensional) paper airplane is the 3D model paper airplane designed to fly (4th dimension), flyable scaled paper airplane. Unlike the commonly known paper airplane (or paper aeroplane), which is the folded flying paper, the 4D paper airplane is the scaled model aircraft. But unlike the cast scale models, 4D paper airplane is designed to fly. It combines the fun of scaled models and flying paper airplane.

​After more than 400 individual crafts (over 200 types of airplane), over 95% of models is satisfied for flying. The posted models are all tested for flying as glider.

So,                              down load the print out, construct and test fly your 4D model.

Enjoy! The entertainment ​site for hobby on 4D paper airplane. #4dpa

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The 4D Paper Airplane Group is for people who love the 4D paper airplane. The 4D paper airplane is the scaled paper airplane that can also fly (http...
4D model of Mitsubishi Zero, link to Mitsubishi Zero page

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4D paper airplane:

Real look, really fly

4D model of Douglas SBD Dauntless, link to Test Fly page

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(all airplanes in pictures are 4D paper airplanes, unless indicated).

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4D model of Fairey Albacore, link to WWII page

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​Hobby, the entertainment of ​flyable 3d model paper airplane.

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