Fighter / Photo-reconnaissance aircraft,
First flight: 5 March 1936,
Introduction: 4 August 1938,
Retired:  1961,

Production: 20,351 (1938-1948).

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Spitfire Squadron - The best Documentary of British Fighter Aircraft

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Video watch:
(follow video may contain depictions of violence, viewer discretion is advised.)


Spitfire - History of the Supermarine Spitfiret.

The Battle Of Britain (Military History Documentary) | Timeline

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Supermarine Spitfire 

4D paper airplane:

model template

Real look, really fly


4D model template of Supermarine Spitfire.

model template of warbird: British airplane Supermarine Spitfire



Spitfire - British Legend.


After Note:

It's a waver (smaller Stabilizer ?).

Do need many weight adjusting. To avoid over weight, make sure of using lower weight paper for printing out the model (see discussion). 

Spitfire is the fighter that saved United Kingdom. It's one of the best fighter during WWII.

​Down Load template: Click "Down Load Template" button and print.  Or copy-paste the “print-out” of 4D template on your graphic program (such as PowerPoint) and add your label. Adjust the size as needed. 


​Construction Photo Notes

Check discussion for construction. To see large image: Click picture.