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flyable paper airplane templates for high aspect ratio (long) wing aircraft. #4dpa 

Aircrafts with high aspect ratio wing:

paper airplane templates

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The 4D Paper Airplane Group is for people who love the 4D paper airplane. The 4D paper airplane is the scaled paper airplane that can also fly (http...
flyable 3D paper airplane of high-aspect wing.

4D paper airplane:

Real look, really fly

The high aspect ratio wing (long narrow wing) airplane is more sensitive for its "aileron effects". It demands more precision both at construction and flying-test adjustment on 4D models. The crafting of 4D plane with high aspect wing can be more challenge since paper can be easily be twisted and turned during/after construction. Check aileron and basic aerodynamics.

Published and Incoming 4D models:

  • General Atomics     MQ-1B Predator
  • General Atomics     MQ-9 Reaper
  • Laister-Kauffman     TG-4 (glider)
  • Northrop Grumman      RQ-4 Global Hawk
  • Schneider      Grunau Baby 2b (glider)

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High Aspect wing: