Starship One Aircraft by Beechcraft.

Beechcraft Starship: paper airplane design for an unusual aircraft

4D model template of Beechcraft Starship.

Executive Transport,
First flight: February 15, 1986,
In limited use,

Production: 53 (1983-1995).

4D model template of Beechcraft Starship

After Note:

Fly well as expected for canard wing design. The unique configuration got uncommon construction of the 4D model, that makes it skill 9.

Starship is ahead of its time. Many new technology but not much of its market.

One of the most beautiful airplane.

More reading about history of Beechcraft Starship

Beechcraft Starship, a most beautiful airplane that didn't sale.

[EXTREMELY RARE] Beechcraft Starship landing at Harbor Springs Airport.

Beechcraft Starship Times Two.

Up Close with the Beechcraft Starship.

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(Skill index 9)

4D paper airplane:

paper airplane design

Real look, really fly

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​Construction Photo Notes

Check discussion for construction. To see large image: Click picture.

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