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​Construction Photo Notes

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Long-rang aircraft (for record attempt)
First flight: Apr. 28, 1927
Retired: Apr. 30, 1928
Production: 1
Flown solo on the first non-stop transatlantic flight by Charles Lindbergh on May 20–21, 1927

Charlies Lindbergh Flight

The spirit of St. Louis at Smithsonian Museum DC. 

wiki background for 4D model of Spirit of St. Louis

Lindbergh's Journey

May 20, 1927 at 7:52am - Charles Lindbergh takes off from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, New York. The heavy plane, loaded with 450 gallons of fuel, clears telephone wires at the end of the runway by only 20 feet.

4D model is revealed on May 20, 2017 (at 7:52am, Long Island, New York's local time), for the 90th anniversary of the first non-stop transatlantic flight (May 20–21, 1927). 

4D model template of Ryan NY-P "Spirit of St. Louis".

The Lindbergh Story

Extract "Charles Lindbergh in color"

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4D paper airplane:

paper model template

Real look, really fly

The Spirit of St. Louis (developed from Ryan M-2): paper model template of aircraft in aviation history