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4D paper airplane:

model templates

Real look, really fly

flyable 3D paper airplane of 4th generation jet.
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The 4D Paper Airplane Group is for people who love the 4D paper airplane. The 4D paper airplane is the scaled paper airplane that can also fly (http...

Top 10 Fourth-Generation Fighter Jets by Oliver Sha

4th generation

Video watch:
(follow video may contain depictions of violence, viewer discretion is advised.)


The concept of “fly by wire” makes fighter more agile. But that makes 4D models much hard to be adjusted for flying. The fighter F-16 falcon from General Dynamic is one of the first aircraft designed with the “fly by wire” technology. The 4D model reflects the character of the airplane design. The 4D model of F-16 and its alike need more precision with construction and have narrower room for flying adjustments.

Published and Incoming 4D models::

List of templates for 4th generation modern aircraft. #4dpa