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Arado Ar 234

The Arado Ar 234 Blitz (English: lightning) was the world's first operational jet-powered bomber, built by the German Arado company in the closing stages of World War II.

Produced in limited numbers, it was used almost entirely in the reconnaissance role, but in its few uses as a bomber, it proved to be nearly impossible to intercept. It was the last Luftwaffe aircraft to fly over Britain during the war, in April 1945.

Reconnaissance jet bomber,
First flight:        June 15, 1943,
Introduction:     September 1943
Production:      214.

After Note:

It's relatively straight forward. I added pictures to show the cutting line (red lines). 

The front fuselage may is a little challenge for the dome-shaped front end. You can also check out the construction photo at another example (Boeing B-29 Superfortress).

The adjusting weight is included and it flys great!  


6. Final assemble.

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4. Bottom wing piece.

​Down Load template: Click "Down Load Template" button and print.  Or copy-paste the “print-out” of 4D template on your graphic program (such as PowerPoint) and add your label. Adjust the size as needed. 


​Construction Photo Notes

Check discussion for construction. To see large image: Click picture.

Wings of the Luftwaffe: Arado Ar-234.

2. The main frame.

3. Main-wing/top piece.

4D model template of Arado Ar234

1. Tail wing.

5. Front fuselage.

Video watch:
(follow video may contain depictions of violence, viewer discretion is advised.)

4D model template of Arado Ar234.

Arado Ar234   

model kit paper airplane template and how to make a paper airplane

4D paper airplane:

​ Real look, really fly

4D model template of Arado Ar234.

7. Base.

(Skill index 4)