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Sky is (not) the limit.

4D paper airplane:

video library

history on invention of airplane

Man is fascinated to fly, ever since human exist. the video library of aviation industry at its beginning. how technology was invented, to change the world, and re-define the limit. 

"My soul is in the sky."                                                  

 — William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act V. Scene I 


"We humans are basically content with a two-dimensionalworld, which is what we (have) always occupied. We travel mostly on the ground, ...... , and we (would) do a lot better to look up a little bit ...... and the benefits are very great."

                                                                              — Paul MacCready, 'The Pioneers of Flight' episode

"The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together."

— Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft Corporation. 

In search of human fly:  



Wright Brothers' flying machine:     

What Wright Brothers taught us beyond their flying machine: the leader, the dream......

And Samuel P. Langley.

How we invented the world: Wright Brothers.​