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Adjust the scale of Layout (in PowerPoint) #4dpa

Showing the example of scaling with the PowerPoint program. Adjusting the scale up-or-down by changing the percentage of the picture pasted into PowerPoint. The detail steps are:

1). Copy-paste into PowerPoint.

2). Draw a square shape with the same length with the “scale-meter”

3). Right-click on the square-shape, go-down click on “Format AutoShape”, clicks on size.

4). The Width indicates the length of the square you drew. In this case, it is 2.68”, short than 3.78” (1:125), which is the targeted length in this case.  

5). Calculate how much you need to change the size.

                    The need to increase (fold) =targeted size / actual measure size

                     In this case: need to increase=3.78/2.68=1.41(fold)

6)Right-click on the “layout” pasted, go-down click on “Format Picture”, clicks on size.

7).Under the Scale. Height shows 36% (Width also shows 36%).

8).Calculate the increase of percentage:

                         36% times 1.41(fold) =50.77% (Roundup to 51%).

9). Right-click on the “layout” pasted, go-down click on “Format Picture”, clicks on size.

10). Change the Scale. Height shows 36% change to 51% (Width should be automatically changed to 51% once you changed Height).

11). Clicks “OK”, and move the picture into the center of PowerPoint frame when need.  

12).Done with “layout” scaling. Ready to print.

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