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Frontiers Of Flight - 05 - Air Transportation For All



​hobby model templates for airliners. https://www.4dpaperairplane.com/airliner.html

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Discovery Channel - Frontiers Of Flight 10/13 The Jet Airliner


Modern airliners are for high speed with circular fuselage. The 4D model of modern airliner could be challenge for construction. Start with early airliners.

Published and Incoming 4D models:

  • Aérospatiale-BAC     Concorde sst
  • Beechcraft     1900 C
  • Boeing     707
  • Boeing     747
  • de Havilland      DH-106 Comet IV
  • de Havilland/Hawker Siddeley      DH-121 Trident
  • Douglas     DC-3/C-47 Skytrain
  • Ford     Tri-Motor (90 years since its first fly)
  • Hamburger Flugzeugbau      HFB-320 Hansa Jet (forward wing)
  • Junkers     Ju-52/3M
  • Short Brother     SD-3.30
  • Tupolev     Tu-144 sst
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model templates for airliners

Real look, really fly

flyable 3d paper airplane templates of airliner

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