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The Battle of Midway 1942: Told from the Japanese Perspective (1/2).

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Flyable 3D paper aircraft design for Battle of Midway.

Flyable 3D paper airplane model template for history in Battle of Midway. #4dpa


Battle of Midway

4D paper airplane:


Real look, really fly

Battle of Midway is the turning point for the Pacific theater of WWII. The main weapons for this navy battle are airplanes. Although most Japanese airplane models were updated with battle-tested experience, American had a decisive victory. There is a rich history behind each airplane involved in the battle. Now you can build your own squadron and test fly on each model yourself.

For carrier-based airplanes, American had Grumman F4F Wildcat as the fighter, Douglas TBD Devastator as the torpedo-bomber and Douglas SBD Dautless as the dive-bomber. Two out three of American airplanes were no match with their Japanese counterpart. After battle of Midway, the TBD Devastator torpedo bomber doomed to be the worst airplane in history. The improved dogfight tactic, know as “Thach Weave”, saved F4F Wildcat as a formidable fighter. The newly developed dive bombing tactic with suited dive bomber SBD Dautless had its battle approve. It’s the SBD Dautless which destroyed all four Japanese carriers. The 5 minutes of dive bombing saved the day and made history.   

The airplanes for Imperial Japanese Navy carrier including: fighter Mitsubishi A6M Zeke “Zero”, torpedo bomber Nakajima B5N Kate and dive bomber Aichi D3A Val. All were state of art at the time and operated with their battle experienced airmen.   

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